Is Memory Foam Good for Crib Mattress Toppers


Pros and Cons of Memory Foam


If you take a survey asking people when they feel the most comfortable, a majority of them will say “after a good night’s sleep”. When you come to think about it, it is actually true. There really is no alternate for sleep. A human being can live up to three weeks without food but cannot survive for more than ten days without sleep. This is one of the reasons people spend quite a substantial amount of money to make the most comfortable environment possible for sleeping peacefully. Research is constantly being done to come up with more and more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

One of the inventions in this field is the memory foam. Memory foam has a wide range of applications these days. Before discussing it any further, we shall shed some light on what memory foam actually is. Memory foam is the foam with a large elastic limit. It molds itself around the body depending on the heat and pressure and returns to its original position once these external factors are removed. It was first made in the 1960’s for the airplane seats of NASA. These days it is used in cushioning in helmets as well as shoes. It also has a wide range of medical applications, including prosthetics and pressure relievers. Now, it is very common in pillows as well as mattresses and mattress toppers which come in different shapes and sizes.

Now we will discuss the advantages of memory foam. It has been a questioned posed at many occasions if memory foam can help you in having a peaceful night of sleep. Most of the people say that it enhances your sleep, but comprehensive study in this field is lacking for a number of reasons. An independent sleep study would be too expensive and the cost could not be justified while industrial studies are not very reliable as they are biased towards their product.

The study also does not relate to the findings. The EEG graph of people was read who claimed they had a great night’s sleep and the graph did not hold up to their claims, so it is the nature of sleep which makes the achievement of a conclusive result quite difficult. The preference of a sleeping surface varies from person to person. Different studies by different sleep experts present different results. One study states that everyone who used the memory foam claim it to be the best sleeping surface that they have slept on. Memory foam wraps around your body based on the body heat and pressure. This enables it to provide the support at the natural curves of your body and relieves pressure and help to get better sleep.

Even the Top Rated Mattress Topper has some disadvantages. Memory foam mattresses determine the position based on body heat. As a result of this, the body heat stays trapped in it, causing discomfort in warmer weather. New memory foam can present you with a chemical odor. This is referred to as offgasing. The biggest advantage is that it can’t be used in infant beds. The extra softness traps carbon dioxide, which leads to sudden infant death syndrome.